Intensive Courses

If you are looking to pass your test quickley then an Intensive Driving Course could be for you.

To do an intensive course you must have passed your Theory Test.

An Intensive course can take place over a 1 - 4 weeks depending on the hours required to get the driver test ready. Unless the driver is a complete beginner we would normally arrange for an assesment of the skill level and discuss options. Once a test is booked then a course can be put together around the drivers availabilty. 

The price of an intensive course depends on the skills of the driver,  The price of an Intensive Course does not include the cost of the test, this will need to be booked and paid for seperatley.

Example Prices of Intensive Courses are 

10 Hours - An experienced driver, who has been preaparing for test or recently failed - £225

20 Hours - Suitable for someone who has good driving skills and however needs to improve their ability and confidence - £425

30 Hours - Suitable for someone who has achieved some strong basic skills, needs to improve in most aspects of their driving including their manouvers - £630

40 Hours - Suitable for a novice driver who is in need of a high level of guidence and instruction to get to the right standard for their test - £800

50 Hours - Suitable for a new driver with little to no driving experience - £995


These are some general prices , at Safe Start Driving Academy we recognise everyones needs differ when it comes to learning to drive, If you are considering an intensive course contact me to discuss your options. We can even arrange residential course if required staying at a historical countryside hotel if you wanted to learn to drive in the beautiful Welsh and Shropshire countryside.